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World’s Toughest Screen Protector by X-One Now Available in Kenya

The amount of money we invest in cellular gadgets is huge. This is because phones are packing more features as years go by, and...

Leveraging Online Opportunities to Spur Entrepreneurship: The E-Preneurs Sacco’s Story

The growth of online opportunities has seen a notable development in the local scene, where people from all walks of life, especially the youth,...

How to Transact on Telkom Kenya’s Financial Service, T-Kash

Telkom Kenya introduced its financial product, T-Kash a couple of days ago. The M-PESA and Airtel Money competitor was supposed to go live earlier...

Tell More Women in Tech Success Stories Over Challenges Faced – Margaret Ondeng

Margaret, a software developer encourages women to tell more success stories and shares remarkable journey in technology.

Women in Tech Profile: June Barasa of Girls Code

GirlsCode by June Barasa, a non-profit aims to bridge the gender gap in tech by promoting women in tech literacy in Kenya.


From a Seemingly Successful ICO To a HTML-Powered Exchange Platform – The Story of Nurucoin

When the Nurucoin ICO hit the green light, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the new cryptocurrency that was meant to solve inter-African...

Flashy Notification Lights Need to Make a Comeback

We live in a world fueled by notifications, or annoyed by them rather. Our smartphones are the most important gadgets in our lives and...

WhatsApp Needs To Stop Being in the Past

I started using WhatsApp in 2012 and frankly, it was the greatest thing ever at the time. I could communicate with family and friends...

Simple Mobile Money Transaction Reveals Underlying Privacy Loopholes

A typical Kenyan day involves at least one instance where you will leave your phone number either at a security desk while getting into a...

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