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WhatsApp Integrates Giphy Search And Raises The Limit To Share Media

Whatsapp is continuing with its quest to make sure you send GIFs to your contacts

WhatsApp to Extend Support for Older Devices and Platforms to June 2017

In February this year, WhatsApp announced it was dropping support for older devices and platforms by the end of the year. This meant versions...

WhatsApp Has Launched Video Calling To Everyone

WhatsApp Video Calls are now official for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

WhatsApp on Android Gets Two-Step Verification

More features, always a good thing.

WhatsApp Is Testing A Snapchat Story-like Revamp For Status Updates

WhatsApp has copied another Snapchat feature as shown in a beta release which involves the mundane status update

WhatsApp is More Secure than Telegram Messenger – Report

A report by Amnesty has found out that WhatsApp is the most "secure" messaging app available and it bested the likes of Telegram Messenger

WhatsApp Has Rolled Out Video Calling On The Beta Android App

WhatsApp has rolled out video calling functionality on the Android beta app which means it will be released to the general public sooner than you think

WhatsApp for Android Beta Now Has GIF Support

WhatsApp for Android beta officially supports GIFs, a feature that was discovered in the changelog 4 months ago

WhatsApp Is Now Rolling Out The New Snapchat-like Camera Interface

WhatsApp is now rolling out their new camera interface which looks like the one we have been using on Snapchat

German Regulator orders WhatsApp to Cease Sharing User Data with Facebook

The move by WhatsApp to share data with Facebook confirmed the fears of millions of users, who foresaw it when the $19 Billion sale was announced.

WhatsApp for Android Now Has a Snapchat-ish Camera Interface, Big Emojis And More

WhatsApp is the second Facebook owned product that has decided to copy features that we see on Snapchat
whatsapp vs apple

WhatsApp Dissed Apple With A Message Within The Android App’s Code

Seems it is not all rosy between WhatsApp and Apple

WhatsApp Gave Two Ways for You To Opt Out From Sharing Your Account Info

We tend to breeze past the terms and conditions of any application we install but there are hidden gems inside those lengthy publications. One...

WhatsApp to Share Your Phone Number with Facebook

  A while back. Facebook made a $19 Billion offer to acquire instant messaging service WhatsApp. Following the acquisition, the majority of users worried that...
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WhatsApp begins Roll-out of Voicemail Feature on iOS

Last year, WhatsApp announced in an update to the App that users can finally make voice calls on the instant messaging services. The update...

WhatsApp Reinstated in Brazil Shortly After Ban

The whole drama between WhatsApp and the state of Brazil is not yet over. Yesterday, it was reported that the social network was given...

WhatsApp has been Blocked in Brazil for the Third Time in Under a Year

WhatsApp is a really popular chatting platform in Brazil but it is not that popular with the authorities as reports indicate it has been...

WhatsApp Users May Soon Be Able to Search for Users Not in Their Address Books Using “Usernames”

Messaging applications like Telegram, WeChat and others have usernames. You can search and add someone using their @username without ever having to know their...
WhatsApp blocked in Zimbabwe

Reports Suggest WhatsApp Has Been Banned in Zimbabwe

Social media use is common nowadays but authorities all over the world have been blocking access to these platforms of late around the world...

WhatsApp Has 7 New features in the New Update You Probably Didn’t Know About

Whatsapp quietly added 7 new features in the latest version (ver 2.16.145) that were spotted by Android Police and they affect several sections within...
Whatsapp voice calls

Over 100 Million Voice Calls Are Made Everyday on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the incredibly popular chatting app which is one of the few apps with over a billion users has announced a new milestone for...

WhatsApp for Android Beta Adds The Ability to Quote Messages

WhatsApp was geared to make communication between people easier but as the years progressed, other competing platforms started to introduce features that were not...

WhatsApp Changelog Reveals GIF Support, Temporary Group Participants and Video Calling

WhatsApp made chatting with your friends a viable option from the traditional SMS platform and that is why it has been able to gain...

10 Cool Android Apps That Are Not Available on the Google Play Store

According to Google, there were 65 billion app installs from the Play Store in the last one year. The Google Play Store has grown...

Video Calling feature on WhatsApp spotted yet again

Video calling is one of the cool features about the new age chatting platforms and it is way more personal than text messages or...
whatsapp web

WhatsApp Web has been updated to let you share documents

WhatsApp for Web has been with us for a while now and it was an attempt by the company to bring the service to...

WhatsApp is back online in Brazil but Telegram was the big winner here

Whatsapp was banned early this week  in Brazil and it was the second reported case in under a year where the popular chatting network...

Brazil bans WhatsApp again but for a different reason this time

WhatsApp's influence is nothing to be scoffed at and that is why Facebook paid $19 billion for its relatively huge user base of a...

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