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China Is Prepping a Home-Baked Wikipedia Rival

China is known for many things, including its policy of internet censorship that prevents people in its mainland from accessing websites that are considered...

WhatsApp Adds Chat Pinning On Android Beta And Desktop

The current messaging apps that we have today have enabled us to communicate with friends and colleagues all over the world and the conversations...

Siri Will Read Out Your Messages On WhatsApp For iOS

Siri will read out your messages on WhatsApp, which can be a good thing or a bad one
whatsapp beta android new formatting menu

WhatsApp Beta For Android Integrates Translate, Dictionary Definitions And Formatting Shortcuts

WhatsApp usually tries out new features on the beta channel which might be released to all users later on. We have seen such features...

The App Gap: Why Apps Won’t Matter in the Future

In the 1990s, everyone wanted to have a website, it was the in-thing, it was "cool". From 2013 upwards, every company and service wanted...

WhatsApp Is Testing Business Chat Tools – Report

Most social networks are free to use but they cost money to run them. This means eventually, you will get to see them implementing...

WhatsApp Relocates Attachment Icon In The Beta Android App

WhatsApp always debuts changes, either iterative or major, on the beta channel and that is why it is a good idea for enthusiasts to...
WhatsApp Status Story

The Status Revamp On WhatsApp Was Unnecessary

WhatsApp was created to solve a specific problem at the time: It was a better and cheaper alternative to SMS and it was able...

WhatsApp’s Snapchat-like Update To The Status Update Is Now Official

  WhatsApp, the messaging service owned by Facebook has been adding iterative features to its core experience in a bid to make sure its 1.2...
WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Goes the Snapchat Way with “Disappearing Status Stories”

Facebook owned, WhatsApp, is taking some notes from "big-daddy's" methods of copy pasting all the features that Snapchat has. According to WABetaInfo, a twitter...

WhatsApp Has Added An Extra Layer Of Security On The App

WhatsApp has added another layer of security on the app to further secure your account.

WhatsApp For Android Adds A Bunch Of Emojis Including Avocado and Bacon

  One thing that sucks in today's world is the slow update of emojis on all platforms after they are published by Unicode (the consortium...

Facebook Q4 results: 53% Increase In Revenue YoY, WhatsApp Crosses 1.2 Billion Users Mark

Facebook announced their Q4 2016 results and they are damn impressive

New Features Have Been Spotted On WhatsApp Beta For iOS

We actually live in an age where people dig through a beta app to check out new features that have not been released yet...

5 Products Acquired by Facebook that Immensely Shaped Social Media as we Know it Today

Facebook, as we know it today, is a very large public company. It is also the undisputed king of social media. But it has...

WhatsApp Integrates Giphy Search And Raises The Limit To Share Media

Whatsapp is continuing with its quest to make sure you send GIFs to your contacts

WhatsApp to Extend Support for Older Devices and Platforms to June 2017

In February this year, WhatsApp announced it was dropping support for older devices and platforms by the end of the year. This meant versions...

WhatsApp Has Launched Video Calling To Everyone

WhatsApp Video Calls are now official for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

WhatsApp on Android Gets Two-Step Verification

More features, always a good thing.

WhatsApp Is Testing A Snapchat Story-like Revamp For Status Updates

WhatsApp has copied another Snapchat feature as shown in a beta release which involves the mundane status update

WhatsApp is More Secure than Telegram Messenger – Report

A report by Amnesty has found out that WhatsApp is the most "secure" messaging app available and it bested the likes of Telegram Messenger
whatsapp beta android new formatting menu

WhatsApp Has Rolled Out Video Calling On The Beta Android App

WhatsApp has rolled out video calling functionality on the Android beta app which means it will be released to the general public sooner than you think

WhatsApp for Android Beta Now Has GIF Support

WhatsApp for Android beta officially supports GIFs, a feature that was discovered in the changelog 4 months ago

WhatsApp Is Now Rolling Out The New Snapchat-like Camera Interface

WhatsApp is now rolling out their new camera interface which looks like the one we have been using on Snapchat

German Regulator orders WhatsApp to Cease Sharing User Data with Facebook

The move by WhatsApp to share data with Facebook confirmed the fears of millions of users, who foresaw it when the $19 Billion sale was announced.

WhatsApp for Android Now Has a Snapchat-ish Camera Interface, Big Emojis And More

WhatsApp is the second Facebook owned product that has decided to copy features that we see on Snapchat
whatsapp vs apple

WhatsApp Dissed Apple With A Message Within The Android App’s Code

Seems it is not all rosy between WhatsApp and Apple

WhatsApp Gave Two Ways for You To Opt Out From Sharing Your Account Info

We tend to breeze past the terms and conditions of any application we install but there are hidden gems inside those lengthy publications. One...

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