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whatsapp live location feature

Better Late Than Never, WhatsApp Adds Live Location Sharing

WhatsApp is a bit late to the party in announcing this feature
WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business Android App is Here But You Can’t Use it Yet

Looks like the current WhatsApp app but with a few additions
Infinix S2 Display

How to Hide WhatsApp Images and Any Other Files from Your Android Phone’s Gallery

As much as we love WhatsApp it has one huge caveat, all the images sent to us through the hundreds of groups that we...
whatsapp cofounder leaving

WhatsApp’s Co-Founder is Leaving the Company

This is quite the surprise

WhatsApp Has Added Status to its Web and Desktop Applications

WhatsApp Status was introduced during the copy-paste spree that Facebook was having after Snapchat refused to sell to them. Whether you like Status or...

Former NACADA Chairman, John Mututho, Sues Safaricom, WhatsApp and Google for Defamation

Hon. John Mututho, a Kenyan politician, former Naivasha Member of Parliament and immediate former National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse...

WhatsApp Payments and Business Accounts Headed Your Way

As of July 2017, Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger had 1.3 billion active users. The messaging platform has been doing well in terms of increasing its...

Features WhatsApp Needs to Add or Fix Soon

WhatsApp needs to do this to compete effectively with other messaging platforms.

WhatsApp Status Update Has The Same Number of Users As Instagram Stories.

We know that WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app with over a billion users around the world. That figure however is specifically for...
social media

What You Need to Know About Kenya Government’s Hate Speech Regulation on Social Media

On July 17, 2017, news broke that the Communication's Authority of Kenya (CA) was planning to regulate social media, including WhatsApp groups during this...
GSMA report

Messaging Platforms Like WhatsApp Are Hurting Telco Revenues In Sub Saharan Africa

Telcos have several sources of income: Voice, SMS and lately data. Before the start of an era of heavy data usage of by users,...
WhatsApp Encryption

Can Communications Authority of Kenya and NCIC Monitor WhatsApp Groups for “Hate Speech”?

Well, a month ago when I wrote a piece of how WhatsApp group admins in South Africa had been warned that they were legally...

WhatsApp Users Can Now Share Documents Of Any Format

File sharing is a fundamental aspect in messaging apps like WhatsApp and the 1.2 billion users it boasts to have sure send a ton...
whatsapp security report

WhatsApp Is Not Doing Enough To Guard User Privacy – Report

Social networking sites usually express how serious they are when it comes to securing the data of their user since it might lead them...
Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger Launches P2P Payments in India Ahead of WhatsApp

Hike Messenger, as much as you might not know about it, is a big deal in India and it has over 100 million users...
Messaging Apps

Which Messaging App Ticks Most Security Boxes?

It is highly probable that you use one, two or more messaging apps in your phone. I have four 1) Hangouts because it comes...

WhatsApp Sets A New Date For Supporting Old Nokia and BlackBerry Phones

Good news for people with older Blackberry or Nokia devices

WhatsApp Group Admins Are Legally Responsible for Content Shared in their Groups

You thought you made it in life when you finally became a group admin? Well this news will send chills down your spine. A South...

WhatsApp Adds Photo Filters And Automatic Albums On iOS

WhatsApp adds automatic albums (yay!) and photo filters (better late than never)

China Is Prepping a Home-Baked Wikipedia Rival

China is known for many things, including its policy of internet censorship that prevents people in its mainland from accessing websites that are considered...

WhatsApp Adds Chat Pinning On Android Beta And Desktop

The current messaging apps that we have today have enabled us to communicate with friends and colleagues all over the world and the conversations...

Siri Will Read Out Your Messages On WhatsApp For iOS

Siri will read out your messages on WhatsApp, which can be a good thing or a bad one
whatsapp beta android new formatting menu

WhatsApp Beta For Android Integrates Translate, Dictionary Definitions And Formatting Shortcuts

WhatsApp usually tries out new features on the beta channel which might be released to all users later on. We have seen such features...

The App Gap: Why Apps Won’t Matter in the Future

In the 1990s, everyone wanted to have a website, it was the in-thing, it was "cool". From 2013 upwards, every company and service wanted...

WhatsApp Is Testing Business Chat Tools – Report

Most social networks are free to use but they cost money to run them. This means eventually, you will get to see them implementing...

WhatsApp Relocates Attachment Icon In The Beta Android App

WhatsApp always debuts changes, either iterative or major, on the beta channel and that is why it is a good idea for enthusiasts to...

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