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Twitter terminated their e-commerce development to focus on their core business

It has been an organic progression by social networks to add ecommerce capabilities due to the fact that people find


Jumia sees surge in E-commerce in Rural Kenya with electronics as fastest selling Commodities

E-commerce has been growing in the local market with players such as Jumia, Olx and Kilimall leading in the market.


LIVELUVO: On Making A Digital Village

Village. Sounds old fashioned right? Something only our parents and a number of us know all too well from experience.

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What Social Media Has Done For E-commerce in Kenya

E- commerce. This is no longer a new word to us. It is everywhere we look these days, both online

facebook leading in ecommerce

Facebook Leads Other Social Networks in E-commerce

In the pursuit of monetizing their platforms, social media platforms have seen the need to delve into  e-commerce in a


Best Shopping Portals for Consumers in India

Do you shop regularly from online shopping portals? Or you do it occasionally, during the festivals such as Diwali or

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Is This The Alibaba of Kenya?

The rapid increase in the number of internet users and the attendant increase in the number of online shoppers nowadays as opposed to shopping at physical stores attest to the fact that technology is ever evolving.


The Pros and Cons of Digital Wallets

As more people adopt a digital wallet purchasing method, you might wonder if it’s something you should do too. Is

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NationHela Card, Pros and cons

Just like any service or product out there, you will always get the good or bad things about each. NationHela Card is

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Tools Your eCommerce Business Can Use to Increase Your Effectiveness

Google has been trying to increase its presence on the web even further by offering additional tools and resources. While


Silk Road Comes Under DDOS Attack

Silk Road is a notorious market-place where you can get various illegal substances. There are exceptions however, from the terms

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Another way for Kenya to get money off Paypal, through Moneygram

Getting money off Paypal to either bank or hard cash has been a tussle to many in East Africa and

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Speaking e-commerce, meet

The e-commerce industry in Kenya is a growing one, quite young. We are yet to see the boom and response from


Ecommerce in Kenya, lets go oldschool

What drives sales in a website if i may ask? Selling online in Kenya seems the hottest thing that every

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What you fail to do when starting an online business.

The internet presence and uptake is on an all-time high, and getting better with the implementation of fiber optic cable