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CBA Targets to Loop In Millenials With New Lifestyle Banking Product

For those who live online, and by online I mean Twitter and Facebook, you have most likely come across this hashtag #UnbankYourself. If not, this...

M-Shwari Propels Commercial Bank of Africa Profits up by 53%

In 2012, Safaricom partnered with Commercial Bank of Africa and unveiled M-shwari a product that runs off Mpesa and in the menu.  M-shwari allows...

Mokash, the M-Shwari Equivalent in Uganda has 600,000 Users in 2 Months of Launch

In January 2016, Commercial Bank of Africa  announced it had applied for a license from the Central Bank of Uganda with the view of launching...

Safaricom launches revolutionary mobile banking product M-Shwari

In the words of Micheal Joseph, former Safaricom CEO,  middle and low income earners want credit and finance services available for their counterparts up...

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