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microsoft adds cortana on android lockscreen

Microsoft Wants You To Use Cortana On The Android Lockscreen

Microsoft, just like any other big tech company has their own virtual assistant, which they named Cortana from a character in the video game,...
Super Mario Run on Android is finally available on Android

Nintendo Has Prematurely Released Super Mario Run on Android

We've been waiting for Nintendo to release Super Mario Run on Android since last year and this week, the company promised that they will...

WhatsApp Relocates Attachment Icon In The Beta Android App

WhatsApp always debuts changes, either iterative or major, on the beta channel and that is why it is a good idea for enthusiasts to...

Android Nougat Slowly Crawling Out of the Incubator in Latest Android Distribution Numbers

The latest Android distribution figures from Google show that Android Nougat has made a few steps forward and is now installed in over 2%...

Telegram Messenger Adds Custom Themes On The Android App

  Themes are not new in the market as we have custom themes on our smartphones or previously on social networks like Twitter where you...

Android Instant Apps Now Available on Select Devices

We are not sure when everybody will get it.

Google Assistant May be Coming to Non-Pixel Devices

Some people have, who are using the latest alpha of the Google app, are reporting that it enables Google Assistant on non-Pixel phones. Android Police...

WhatsApp For Android Adds A Bunch Of Emojis Including Avocado and Bacon

  One thing that sucks in today's world is the slow update of emojis on all platforms after they are published by Unicode (the consortium...

Twitter Gives Android Users Another Way To Add GIFs Via The Keyboard

The newest version of Android that we have currently is 7.1 Nougat and it added support for sending GIFs directly from the keyboard. It...

Netflix Finally Lets Android Users Download and Store Content on External Storage

As more of the world discovers the joy of consuming content like television shows and movies on demand, the demand for services enabling such...

Google Begins Publicly Testing Instant Apps

8 months after it was first previewed.

No Software Updates? You Probably Didn’t Pay For it

According to the latest Google’s monthly Android platform distribution numbers, only 0.7% of all Android devices run on the latest iteration of Android, Nougat (7.0...

3 Android Devices That Were Too Weird For The Human World

The beauty of android is that you will never ran out of variety, and this extends from just the software to the hardware. Well,...

Android Has an Emoji Problem and it Has Everything to Do With Slow Updates

There's a way to fix this. It's called "releasing timely updates" but that's probably not happening, sigh!

6-Year Old Android Froyo is Finally Dead, or is it?

Android 2.2.x bites the dust.

Telegram Quietly Drops Support for Older Versions of Android

Following in WhatsApp's footsteps.
iTel S11

iTel Introduces The S11 Budget Smartphone To The Kenyan Market.

Check out the iTel S11 which enters the competitive budget priced segment of the Kenyan market with a bevy of features.

Chrome For Android Adds A Feature That Could Render Pocket Useless

Saving webpages for offline use is now available on the latest Chrome for Android release.

LG Starts Rolling Out Android Nougat Update for the G5

Those not in Korea will have to wait for a bit longer, though.

Nearly a Quarter of All Android Devices Now Run on Android Marshmallow

Fragmentation is still the keyword here. No surprises.

Which Mobile Web Browser Do You Use?

Chrome or...

Twitter Adds A Separate Tab For Trending Topics on the Beta Android App

Twitter has made some changes on the Android App by adding a new tab dedicated for trending topics

Offline Processing Has Now Been Added To Prisma For Android

Prisma has updated the Android app with the ability to make paintings off your photos when offline

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