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Android O DP4 easter egg

Android Octopus? Because Sweet Treats Gave Google Tooth Aches

Those who are up to date know that the latest developer preview of Android O has been out for a couple of days now....
Windows PC Android Link

In the Near Future You Might Be Able to Link Your Smartphone to Your Windows 10 PC

The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251 was rolled out towards the end of last week. The highlight of this latest build is...

Five Rogue Android Apps You Should Totally Avoid

Android users are a disadvantaged lot, as much as it pains me to admit it. Unlike iOS, Android's open source nature has allowed smartphone...

HMD Global May Announce the Nokia 8 on August 16

Still mulling over the seriousness of HMD Global in resurrecting Nokia’s flame in 2017? Don’t stress over it because it is happening. The company...
Motion Stills

You can Create and Share GIFs on Android with Google’s Motion Stills App

Apple’s iOS platform has enjoyed the services of a GIFs-maker app, Motion Stills for a year or so. The app, which is developed by...

Android Devices to Receive Google Play Protect for Better Security

Finally, Google Play Protect is rolling out to Android devices. Specifically, lucky users started receiving the security system on 19th July, which in turn...

Machine Learning Makes its Way to the Google App, Neat Features in Tow

The Cloud. Big Data. Machine Learning. Robots. Artificial Intelligence. These are terms that are currently common in the tech space and it is the future. Tech...

Android 7.1 Nougat Panic Detection Mode Could Help Fight Rogue Apps

Android has been on the receiving end of attacks regarding its security features. True to it, Android is not the most secure Operating System...

SpyDealer Is an Advanced Malware That Can Steal Sensitive Data from Popular Android Apps

There is a reason popular systems are always a target of malicious attackers and intruders; the numbers. Such numbers have a large amount of...

Marshmallow Still Tastier than Nougat Reveals July 2017 Android Distribution Stats

We still don't have a name for Android O yet and it is bothering me, but as we wait for mother Google to decide...

Nougat Sees Slight Bump, Marshmallow Still at the Top According to June 2017 Android Distribution Stats

Android Developers website has unveiled the latest numbers in terms of version distribution for the Android platform for the month of June. This has...
facebook stories

Facebook Stories Has Been Rolled Out Two Months Later

Facebook Stories are here!
Android prevent root access

Google’s Play Store Will Now Allow Developers to Lock Out Rooted Users

A change in Google Play Store’s developer console allows developers to choose whether to prevent rooted users from using their apps in the Play Store.
Android One

Android One is Not Dead and Could Soon Be Coming to Mid-range and Flagship Devices

While speaking to Gadgets 360, Android's Vice President of Product Management and Google Play, Sameer Samat revealed that Android One was not dead and...

Understanding the Difference Between Android Go and Android One

When Google announced Android Go during Google I/O 2017, we, like everyone else thought that it was going to be a rebrand of Android...

Android Instant Apps Now Open to All Developers

Last year, Google introduced Android Instant Apps - a feature that allows Android users to use applications without downloading from the Google Play Store. This...
Google I/O 2017

Google Isn’t Letting Go of Emerging Markets, Launches Android Go

Google, which took its first try at designing an Android phone from the hardware and software standpoints (aka the Google Pixel, with the help...

Google Makes It Even Easier To Download And Manage Offline Pages On Chrome For Android

In the quest to read articles on the web, we have had that moment where you find a useful site and the bookmark feature...

Six Year Old Android Gingerbread Shows Signs of Growth in May 2017 Android Distribution Numbers

You read that right, six year old Android 2.3 Gingerbread just hit 1% distribution up from 0.9% last month. How?! As that sinks in, Android Nougat...

WhatsApp Adds Chat Pinning On Android Beta And Desktop

The current messaging apps that we have today have enabled us to communicate with friends and colleagues all over the world and the conversations...
QuietComfort 35

Your Wireless Headphones Could Be Spying on You

We all need to catch a break from daily issues about security and privacy concerns when it comes to the use of gadgets and...
Instagram Android offline

Instagram For Android Will Allow You To Use Several Features While Offline

You will be able to use certain features while offline on Instagram for Android
whatsapp beta android new formatting menu

WhatsApp Beta For Android Integrates Translate, Dictionary Definitions And Formatting Shortcuts

WhatsApp usually tries out new features on the beta channel which might be released to all users later on. We have seen such features...
Android Nougat

Android Nougat is Just Shy Of 5% in Google’s Android Distribution for April 2017

It's April people. Like for real, and we just hit 5 percent on the ratio scale of Android distribution. Wait, it's actually 4.9 percent. Last...

Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania Among Countries Affected by a Spyware on Android

Some time back, Pegasus made its way on iOS. Pegasus was a spyware that was discovered in iOS in August 2015. Just the other...
Apple Music for Android

Apple Music For Android Finally Gets Overdue Makeover

Apple Music for Android finally gets the update we've been waiting for a while

Android Trumps Over Windows to Become the World’s Most Popular Operating System

No, Not Windows Mobile, but the full version of Windows that runs on PCs. Android made one big step to surpass Windows, which has...

Taking a Look at the History of Android and What Each Version Brought to the Table

Android is arguably the best thing to ever happen to the smart phone. With a market share of 88% of all smartphones, Android is...

TrueCaller Redesigns Android App To Filter Spam SMS, Adds Google Duo Integration

Truecaller wants to filter out your spam SMS and allow you to make video calls thanks to Google Duo

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