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LG Hub Robot Is a Nanny With Neat Tricks up it’s Sleeve

The LG Hub Robot announced earlier this year at CES pulls some nice tricks to keep children entertained.


Things to love about the LG Door-in-Door Refrigerators

We are not into fridges, not sure if there’s anyone who walks around mentioning the kind of specs they would like on their refrigerators,...


This Kenyan Startup is Changing the African Narrative, One Virtual Reality Video at a Time

Kenyan Virtual Reality Startup BlackRhino VR has this bold vision to tell African Stories using the immersive style of VR.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is trying all it can to steal the crown away from Apple as a creative's platform of choice. This is clear with the...


Safaricom is at it Again With Personalized Tunukiwa Daily Offers: Did They Get it Right This Time?

If you thought the price wars between Kenyan telcos was over, you thought wrong. After Airtel announced their "Tubonge Bundles" targetted at offering cheap...

Twitter Lite vs Twitter for Android, What are the Differences?

Here are the differences between Twitter Lite and Twitter for Android

Looking Back at What Shaped the Samsung Galaxy S Series to What We Know Today

From selling dried Korean fish, vegetables and fruit back in 1938 to being the number one Android smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has surely come a...

Why Brands Use Polls in Social Media Apps

Polls diversify understanding of a given situation in real time and impart a sense of togetherness with brands since the mode of communication is open ended.

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