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Five Things About ShowMax You Probably Didn’t Know

  ShowMax, an African subscription video-on-demand service that launched in Kenya in October 2016, has grown in popularity over the past few months. The concept...


Kenyan Startup FarmDrive Uses Data Analytics to Connect Unbanked Farmers to Financial Services

Smallholder farmers, especially in Kenya face difficulties when it comes to accessing loans and financing from banks and other financial institutions. The agricultural...


LG Unveils a New Mega-capacity, Side-by-side Refrigerator with Door-in-Door Feature.

LG's new door-in-door refrigerators reduce the amount of cold air loss that results from many times of opening main fridge doors and reduce energy used.


Meet Your Next Business Assistant, The Tecno PhonePad 3

The space between tablet and phone is getting thinner as phones become bigger and tablets become compact. It is not a secret that most...

How To Make Use of Google Assistant Like a Boss

So Google Assistant has started rolling out to more and more people, that meet the requirements. I got mine just the other day and... Technology essay writing service.


The Shifting Landscape of Mobile Phones Retail in Kenya

It's a rush to sell at the retail stores and most small smartphone brands invest only at the retail stores focusing on converting walk-in customers.

Everything Wrong With Safaricom Flex Bundle and Why “The Hustler” May Still Prefer Unliminet

March 22, 2017, Safaricom unveils a new bundle aimed at "the hustler". Dubbed Flex, this new bundle would let Safaricom customers buy Flex units...

Safety Concerns When Using Free Public Wi-Fi and Precaution Measures

There's a misconception that password-protected public Wi-Fi network is genuinely safe. It's not, and you risk exposing sensitive data to intruders.

The App Gap: Why Apps Won’t Matter in the Future

In the 1990s, everyone wanted to have a website, it was the in-thing, it was "cool". From 2013 upwards, every company and service wanted...

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