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Getting Bored of the Holidays? Watch Movies and Series for Free in two Easy Steps

Holidays are always a welcome relief, but if you’re like some of us and didn’t make any special plans, binge-watching movies and series sounds like a grand plan.

Azuri Pay as you Go Solar TV Product: What’s the Tech Behind it?

Azuri TV, a solar powered product launched in Kenya targets remote off-the grid customers. Here's the technology behind it.

Equity Bank Leapfrogs Peers by Allowing Developers to Access its APIs

Equity Bank has been making large strides with the view of becoming a fully digital bank.

How CEO Kamal Bhattacharya Envisions iHub 2.0 and its part in the Kenyan Tech Space

With transformation set to take place and a leadership keen to learn and drive a specific agenda, what is the role of iHub in the new order? Technology essay writing service.


No Software Updates? You Probably Didn’t Pay For it

According to the latest Google’s monthly Android platform distribution numbers, only 0.7% of all Android devices run on the latest iteration of Android, Nougat (7.0...

Kenya Should Get The Fake News Filter For The Elections Just Like Germany

They should roll out this feature to countries like Kenya soon

Series of Tactical Mistakes that Led Airtel Kenya to its Current Predicament

With the debate on whether Safaricom dominance has been the biggest problem for Airtel Kenya, is there more to it?

Your Data Bundles Run Out Just as Fast as You Bought Them? This May Be the Reason

10 ways you can take control of your smartphone's data consumption habits.
How much do you love your phone’s software

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