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OnePlus One

OnePlus One is a new take on the smartphone flagship as we know it

Stock Photo

The Social Entrepreneur With a Team of Shutterstock Photos for Employees

leonardo dicaprio

Wolf of Wall Street Star Leonardo DiCaprio to Star Steve Jobs Movie


This June, East African Countries Adopt Lower Roaming Rates


Orange Kenya Upgrades Network to Fibre


Red Hat’s Containerized Application Delivery Adds New Capabilities

Windows 8.1

Make Your Windows 8.1 based Computer Increase Productivity


Facebook Introduces “Nearby Friends” Feature That Lets You Track Friends’ Precise Location


Microsoft Completes Nokia Acquisition This Friday

Microsoft Cortana

Motorola Solutions Signs Deal to License Microsoft’s Android Patents


Salesforce Refreshes Community Portal Ahead of Developer Week

Yoweri Museveni Selfie

Uganda President Takes Maiden Selfie Using Galaxy Note 3

LG G Watch

LG’s G Watch to come in gold colour too

Galaxy S5 Dual-SIM

Latest Samsung ad showcases Galaxy S5′s Ingress Protection capabilities

New Android redesign 2014 1

Google preparing new Android dialer, official tweet shows

chair games

Police Raid House in Connection to Parody Twitter Account


Virtualization Affects Server Shipments Despite Revenue Growth


SaaS has Major Impact on Enterprise Software Spending – Gartner

viber out

What does Viber Out on Windows Phone Mean for Skype?


Droids vs iThings, Who Got the Money? Who Got the Downloads?


Linode Boosts RAM, Swaps drives for SSD on its Cloud Instances

Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode

Samsung Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode Use Case Demonstrated in Video

htc one m8 Gary Oldman commercial

HTC Wants in on Samsung Ways, Hires former Samsung Marketing Chief

kindle for samsung 1

Samsung partners with Amazon to bring a special version of the Kindle store

The Ara Prototype

Google’s Project Ara Phone Reinventing the Smartphone


Blogs are Tools of Free Speech, And They ARE Media – US Court

Free Apps

Most free mobile games are ditched in under 24 hours

Nokia Asha Update

New Nokia Asha Update Brings Voice Guided Selfie and 7GB Free OneDrive Storage

htc one m8 camera

Samsung, Apple expected to Release Dual-Camera Devices in 2015

Mark Karpeles, MtGox CEO

Transaction Malleability Played Negligible Part in MtGox Bitcoin Loss – Researchers