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Enock is an Internet Business Entrepreneur, who Empowers Entrepreneurs and runs Web Design Firm, He specialises in designing interactive & e-commerce websites. He is passionate in technologies & business and loves to inspire and inform web users about technology & business opportunities out there. Follow him @enockkiprono.


The Rise Of Pinterest (Infographic)

Pinterest is becoming the fastest growing website in the world. You may wonder how fast, well check out the infographic

Pinterest Flowchart Thumbnail

How To Use Pinterest To Market Your Business Website?

Pinterest is the new social media platform in the block. It has become viral for many users and being used


yuMobile has made FREE Calls as permanent tariff

yuMobile the mobile phone brand of Essar Telecom Kenya Limited has today announced that its popular free calls all day

ICANN logo

ICANN approves creation of new website domain in 2012

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has made a historical decision to vote for creation of new website

Microsoft buys skype

Could this be the end of FREE Calls on Skype?

Could this be the end of FREE Calls on Skype? Skype has been a huge part of our life when

Google Apps for Business

Is this the end of Free Version of Google Apps?

Just recently I received an email from Google titled “Update on changes to Google Apps“. Just like any other email


Ovi Apps offer great tips to keep fit in 2011

Ovi Apps offer great tips to keep fit in 2011 …apps to help people remain fit physically, economically and spiritually

Dropbox Vs. SugarSync - Online File Storage Service Providers

Dropbox vs. SugarSync : How to protect your important data

Just some few days ago, I underwent some stressful moments when my laptop was infected with malicious trojan. Little did

FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Best way of managing all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts!

As I met a friend today in the office, he asked why i was opening a lot of tabs in

ovi apps

Nokia launches Ovi Life Tools in Africa’s largest mobile market

Nokia today announced that Ovi Life Tools, its leading emerging market information service, is now available in Nigeria – one

Face of Africa

Is Africa ready to have a DotAfrica domain name!

I know the first thing when you read the title of this blog, you were thinking why am i asking

pageranker-google chrome

5 Easy Steps of Setting Up a Website Page-ranker!

As we all know, Internet Marketing is one of the most important method of helping your website to get visibility


Importance of Internet Marketing for your Online Business!

In Africa at the moment, we are seeing a lot of upcoming websites (especially e-commerce sites). This is good because