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4 Innovative Advances In Medical Imaging Technology

Android Fragmentation

Passing the Test: What You Need to Know About Software Testing

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The Rise Of Rugged Computing Devices In The Enterprise Sector


All You Need To Know About Baxter The Robot

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5 Things Every Business Must Know About Cloud Security

Njoki Ngumi

District Health Profile Tool & The Future Of ICT In Kenya


Rock Solid Data Storage is Here

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c

Showing Its Colors: The Apple Brand in the Midst of the 5C & 5S

Mobile Cloud Processing

Optimization Of Offloading Strategies In Mobile Cloud Computing

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Diamond Based Lasers – The Next Era Of Laser Tech

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ID Scanners: Taking the Guesswork Out of Night Clubs

Big Data

New solutions for handling big data

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How Online Business Owners In Kenya Can Go Green

PC Protection

6 Steps you need to take to Protect Your PC

House of Cards Netflix

Netflix Recognizes its Need for Speed Moving Ahead

Siri vs iTempo

Tempo vs. Siri, and the Future of Smartphone Assistants

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Steps to Secure Your Home Computer


Must have Mobile Apps for 2013

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Mobile Apps: What Can They Offer The Business World?

Galaxy S III Cases

The Coolest Cell Phone Cases You Can Buy

Mobile apps enterprise

Why Your Business Should Utilize Mobile Apps

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Using Technology to Improve Your Singing


Service providers trying to keep up with consumer bandwidth demand

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The Way We Get and Listen to Music Today

Open Internet Exchange and PhormDiscover Work Together

Data Security

SSL Certificate Management is necessary in online data management

PDF to Word

Using PDF Files to Create High-Quality Office Documents

Secure Office Network

5 High Speed and Secure Office Networks

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World Bank Report Lauds Promising Kenyan Tech Sector

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

FCC Looks to Further Expand Lifeline Program