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Office Coffee

What You Need to Know Before Launching a Website

One of the best things and worst things about modern website creation is that it is so easy and inexpensive

QR Codes on Graves

What Spock Would Say About QR Code

You will have noticed them by now. They are popping up in some fairly strange places. They are simply known

Broken iPhone

Today’s Gadgets Are Worth Protecting: Here’s How

Let’s not mince words. You paid $649 for that iPhone 6, even if your carrier subsidized most of it up

Dropbox Hacked

7 Ways Apps Have Taken Over Our Lifestyles

In a lot of ways our dependence on our smartphones has made life a lot easier for everyone. Suddenly we


2015 HDTV Buying Guide For Giftgivers

Televisions have always been considered a powerful gifts and they have come a long way since the days of black-and-white


4 Innovative Advances In Medical Imaging Technology

Innovative advances in medical imaging technology could leave a significant impact on current clinical practices by allowing for non-invasive alternatives

Android Fragmentation

Passing the Test: What You Need to Know About Software Testing

On April 26, 1994, China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed, taking 264 lives. This tragedy can be traced to a software

Industrial computer

The Rise Of Rugged Computing Devices In The Enterprise Sector

Rugged stands for ‘manufactured to withstand rough handling’ in official dictionary terms. That’s not much different from how rugged computing


All You Need To Know About Baxter The Robot

Imagining robots taking over the most human tasks may seem to be a vision only fit for a Hollywood screenplay,

cloud security

5 Things Every Business Must Know About Cloud Security

The cloud is sometimes painted out to be a mysterious technology, but it’s really no different than Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi

Njoki Ngumi

District Health Profile Tool & The Future Of ICT In Kenya

The development of urban infrastructure within Kenya is being associated with advancement in ICT. This can be seen with forums


Rock Solid Data Storage is Here

Have you ever felt the fear? Maybe it was when your laptop went through an airport scanner, or that time

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c

Showing Its Colors: The Apple Brand in the Midst of the 5C & 5S

It was only just recently that Apple execs held their press conference announcing the new iPhone 5C and 5S models,

Mobile Cloud Processing

Optimization Of Offloading Strategies In Mobile Cloud Computing

Could computing security has gathered a lot of attention in recent times, but some key areas of progress are still

diamond laser

Diamond Based Lasers – The Next Era Of Laser Tech

Using the unique properties of diamonds to develop a new generation of laser is the latest trend in R&D. Diamonds

scanshell 900dx Card Scanner

ID Scanners: Taking the Guesswork Out of Night Clubs

In 2010, the San Francisco Police Department came up with an idea that they felt would help keep nightclubs safer.

Big Data

New solutions for handling big data

Large amounts of data or big data results when the process of data capacity goes above than of conventional system

green hosting

How Online Business Owners In Kenya Can Go Green

Kenya’s green initiatives have increased in recent years, according to several reports, and the country is looking upon its business

PC Protection

6 Steps you need to take to Protect Your PC

If you want to make sure that your computer is safe, you need to make sure that you’ve got a

House of Cards Netflix

Netflix Recognizes its Need for Speed Moving Ahead

Netflix has recently updated its directions and goals after realizing the need for speed in terms of streaming and bandwidth.

Siri vs iTempo

Tempo vs. Siri, and the Future of Smartphone Assistants

Phone assistants have been available for the last couple of years, but in the past their uses have remained idle

computer security

Steps to Secure Your Home Computer

Computer security is a very important matter for all computer users. Whether your computer is used for fun or for


Must have Mobile Apps for 2013

Mobile apps are changing the way companies bring products and information to consumers. Billions of cell phone users rely more

Mobile apps enterprise

Mobile Apps: What Can They Offer The Business World?

Just a few years ago, apps may have only been used by the techies, but now they are becoming the

Galaxy S III Cases

The Coolest Cell Phone Cases You Can Buy

Cell phone cases are as important as the device itself. No matter what the manufacturer states about the quality of

Mobile apps enterprise

Why Your Business Should Utilize Mobile Apps

Over the course of the last few years mobile phone apps have not only become globally known, but they have

Music technology

Using Technology to Improve Your Singing

Technology has changed practically everything in the world over the course of the past few decades. The idea that one


Service providers trying to keep up with consumer bandwidth demand

It is quickly becoming apparent that a major factor in today’s technology explosion deals with bandwidth, and the increase in

woman cloud music

The Way We Get and Listen to Music Today

Back in the day, people heard music only when musicians gathered. Otherwise, they were stuck listening to the birds or


Open Internet Exchange and PhormDiscover Work Together

Business entities are constantly looking for ways to increase profits and reduce expenses. Both of these objectives can be  accomplished