Move Over iPhone, This Special Edition Nokia 3310 Costs $1690

How many Infinix devices can you get at that price?


Caviar, known for making premium smartphones, has released a golden version of Nokia 3310. Cleverly named as the Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin, this feature phone costs a whooping $1690. For that amount, you can get 30 Nokia 3310 phones.

The back of the phone has a gold-plated portrait of President Putin and a quote from Russian national anthem. On the front, there is a gold plated button with an image of the Russian coat of arms. Below this body, it’s the same Nokia 3310 announced at MWC 2017.

Caviar followed the announcement of this luxurious feature phone with this statement, “We have created a perfect phone for you: sturdy, stylish, expensive, capable of holding battery charge for a long time, and with a loud signal. Sometimes, that’s all one really needs.”

I have no further words to add.

If you are that rich and have no idea what do to with your money, you can spend a good amount of it by buying the Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin Edition here.

You can also checkout this Vertu Constellation smartphone (at least its a smartphone), if you need variety.

  • Kissykennysmatt★

    The price is overrated. wait! Are they trying to say they are better than iPhones?

    • aydensaruni

      possibly, maybe, probably

      • Kissykennysmatt★

        At least you agree with me

    • Nobody Ever

      In some respect to certain features, yes. Features like battery capacity and sturdiness the iPhone takes down notes.

      And you know what? This version may surprisingly sell well. What this lowly 3310 (2017) will best sell on is nostalgia (I know I want one, just for keeps). Add exclusivity and a luxurious finish and we may find tech geeks with deep enough pockets saying to themselves “Hmm…What the heck, I’ll get one.” (I know I want one – this time for keeps and for show)

      Sadly my pockets aren’t deep enough, and for that price I’d first refresh my gaming rig.

  • Mutinda

    No, they’re saying that the price rivals that of iPhones. The new 3310 has very basic features.

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  • Asif Hossain

    No doubt this special edition of Nokia 3310 will be a delightful experience for Nokia fans. I think this Advanced Nokia 3310 Version will succeed a lot because of its iconic look, uniformity, and durability. Although the price is very high but still Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin with the standard basic phone features will be considered suitable for few segments.