Never mind, no file manager for Windows Phone, not yet

Posted on Dec 2 2013 - 11:18pm by Emmanuel Chenze

Windows phone 8


That forum thread on UserVoice was just someone who ought to be a guru having a bad day in the office. Nothing serious. It was not meant to have been marked completed since according to Microsoft that is not the case. It is not yet done working on a file manager either as a standalone app, a bundled operating system update or deeply integrated with the SkyDrive app. Whatever you had in mind, get it off. More days of gnashing teeth and worshipping your USB cable and that very limited explorer window await you. If you’re not a power user and transferring photos from your weekend escapades and your newly pirated downloaded music albums is all you do and will never need file access for other things (scripts, notes/documents organization etc), a file manager app is the least of your worries, please continue enjoying your phone as it is.


Via: WPCentral

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