Nokia planning to go the water resistant way with P2i

Posted on Mar 2 2013 - 3:17pm by Martin Gicheru

Water resistance on phones has received quite a buzz with mobile phone enthusiasts talking quite good about waterproof devices like the Xperia Z and Samsung’s Galaxy Xcover Series. Nokia is said to have stricken a deal with P2i at Mobile World Congress to work on getting water proof feature in a Nokia phone or phones in the near future. The technology that P2i uses, unlike the vacuum caps used in other devices, is that of nano-coating, making phone parts, particularly in the motherboard and others where short circuiting is prone to occur, to repel water. The Lumia 1000 which was expected to be launched at MWC but didnt get to be launched is expected to be the device that will get this technology. P2i, the company Nokia will be working with to implement this technology has previously worked with ALcatel, Huawei and Motorola.


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