Leaked iPad 5 case shows thinner, iPad mini-like design

Posted on Feb 23 2013 - 11:46am by Martin Gicheru

Leaked iPad 5 Case

Apple iPad 5 will be released in June 2013 according to mobile accessories site Minisuit which just sent us at Techweez a photo of a case they have designed for the next iPad. Minisuit manufactures accessories for Apple products among others and have already created a case for the iPad 5.

Minisuit says they have reliable information that would guide the dimensions and size of the iPad 5, usually Case manufacturers get device specs ahead of product launch to enable them have matching accessories at launch or quite close thereafter. According to Minisuit, device size leaks are mostly accurate, design is what is a tricky part and products designers guard the secret jealously till product launch.

What is evident is the obvious smaller general size of the iPad 5 compared to the iPad 4 and design also tends to tilt towards the iPad mini. The iPad 5 hence would be thinner in size than the iPad 4 and also sport a thinner bezel. The change was also reflected between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 where the latter was significantly thinner.

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