Waabeh, an Android app by Kenyan developers seeks to iron out music distribution

Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 8:37pm by Martin Gicheru

Waabeh MusicAccording to the founders of Waabeh, an audio marketplace application available exclusively for Intel Yolo smartphones, invisibility is worse than piracy. Waabeh [ Waa- Bay] means awesome in sheng, a hybrid slang language of English and Swahili. Waabeh team, comprised of Tim, Jeff , King  and Ciku based in Nairobi, Kenya, want to make music more discoverable and allow for the average African to sample music and but it.

Waabeh is a cloud based application that allows one to search from over 100 songs (as at launch) and stream over the internet and after listening, choose whether to purchase and download the songs. Waabeh hosts music, podcasts, Audio books, Radio documentaries and Educational material. You will even find the Kenyan constitution for those who never read it again.

Waabeh musicWaabeh was launched on the same evening of the Safaricon Intel Yolo Android phone and Waabeh will be inclusively available for Yolo phones for the next three months. The smooth and easy to navigate UI characterizes Waabeh and makes it very easy to find music which is grouped by albums. You are able to listen to whole albums as long as you are connected to the internet and there is a download button for music purchase.

Waabeh wants to make music discovery and distribution as easy and painless as possible as this has been a problem to many music producers, not really reaching the intended users and potential customers. Waabeh will make it even cheap to distribute music as it reduces distribution and marketing costs. Waabeh will be open to other Android smartphones and tablets later on and move closer to solving Africa’s problems using technology.

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