Smartphones marketshare: LG back at second spot in the US, ousting Apple

Posted on Jan 22 2013 - 12:59pm by Martin Gicheru

LG Optimus GLG now has a 13% market-share in the United States compared to Apple’s 12% in the home country. Apple has been facing stiff competition from the droids globally, and the battle is also being won in the home country of US. Apple had for some time been seen as infallible after taking the top spot as global smartphones lead, a position that has since been taken by Samsung. Samsung is also the lead in the US with a whole 33% market-share.

LG had gone to second spot, but that’s before the iPhone 4s hit the market and pushed it back to third. The Korean company has gone back to second after sales of the Optimus G propelled it to 13% of US market-share with over 1 million units in sales. This is according to Hong Kong research company Counterpoint Research.

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