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As of Wednesday last week, Pinterest is now offering free business tools to small enterprises. Companies can now create official accounts from which they can collect and share their images on the web. With their latest move the San Francisco company is taking an early step towards profitability.

Since its entry into the market, Pinterest has marketed itself as a platform for anyone who likes to collect and share images from the web. Among the Pinterest’s users are designers, wedding planners and chefs.

Businesses can now link their websites to their official Pinterest profiles. There is also an option to add buttons to the business’s website which makes it easier for visitors to follow their feeds and “pin” items on Pinterest.

Social media companies have been offering differentiated services for people, corporations and institutional users. With Facebook having introduced pages for organizations, corporations and sports teams in 2007.

Pinterest does not disclose its revenue figures publicly currently due to its state as a private-held company. But according to comScore, 26.7 million unique visitors, accessed the site in October 2013. This is in contrast to 3.3 million unique visitors for the same month in 2011.