Samsung Galaxy S III Gt-19300The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S III GT-19300 is here with us, got launched 3 days ago amid OOH!s and AAHH!s. Samsung Galaxy S III did not miss to impress as was expected of it. Donning a 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display(1280×720), TouchWiz UI version 4.0, 8MP Autofocus camera with LED flash and no lag at all, front 1.9MP camera, HD video recording @30fps also with no shutter lag, Android Ice Cream Samdwich OS, 3G HSPA+ of upto 21Mbps with an option of 4G for some markets where the infrastructure is stable like Japan, Bluetooth 4.0.4, NFC, 16/32GB internal storage options with a 64GB device also going to be available soon, and a microSD slot that can take upto 64GB, dimensions of 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm, a weight of 133g and a 2100mAh battery, Corning Gorilla Glass 2, the much famed 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 Quad core processor and a Mali-400MP Graphic Processing Unit the device was sure to impress.
Inside the impressive hardware and the curvaceous minimalistic design, came in some nice features from out of this world.

Redefining Smartphone Technology


Even though we had already been wowed by Siri from the iPhone 4S launch late last year, Samsung came up with its own S-voice that allows the user a great deal of interaction. You can ask your phone to wake up, snooze the alarm if you are not really a morning person, set the alarm, add or reduce volume on the set and also reject calls. Heck you can even tell the camera when to take a pic. Whoch brings me to point number two.

Photo selection

Beyond the camera and video having virtually no lag, the Samsung Galaxy S III Gt-19300 camera takes a burst of 8 shots in no time and selects the best among them to make sure you get the best out of the photography, so reducing those closed-eyes moments.

Social Tag

Once you have your photos taken, social tag does it for you, tags your friends faces and lets you link these with your social media sites. Amazing enough, you can see their social media status just ny looking at their images. There is als othe buddy photo share that allows you to share the recognized faces with their respective owners.

AllShare Cast

Another awesome feature allows you to share the images on your phone to larger displays like monitors and TVs, wirelessly, and use the phone’s controls to continue doing what you would do on your phone with images, but on the larger display. Gives you an idea, doesnt it? Presentations!

Allshare Play

Anothee wow factor, DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct allows you to access the documents on remote devices and you can work on these docs on the other devices, realtime.

Pop up Play

Have you ever wished for multitasking to be taken to the next level on the smartphone? Kinda like what you do on the computer, minimize a window and have a floating other application while you write? Well Pop uo Play delivers just that, and here is where the Quad-Core processor value comes to play. You can watch a video floating on the screen like a jQuery image while you are working on something else sharing your 4.8 inch screen. impressive?

S Beam

Samsung Galaxy S III takes sharing to the next level, providing so many options, from Bluetooth 4.0, Allshare Cast, Allshare Play, Buddy Photo share and NFC based Android Beam. With this you can share an image of upto 1GB in 3 minutes, or a 10MB file in two seconds by simply tapping it to another Galaxy S III device, no strings attatched.

Smart Alert

When you leave your phone idle for some moment, you will get a gentle vibration that will alert you of new messages, missed calls or even tweets.

Direct Call

This one is a very intuitive feature, where if you are texting somebody and decided to call the person, just lift the phone up to the ear and the direct call will just call the person.

Smart Stay

This one is the feature I found to be most amazing. As long as you are looking at the Galaxy S III, the Smart Stay feature has a small eye on the left of the notifications that utilises the front camera to detect whether you are looking at it. As long as it identifies your stare, it wont dim the display or go on screen saver mode, so you can go on reading on the 4.8″ screen for longer. Though I dont know whether that still works when its dark.

50GB Dropbox

Even though the Samsung S-cloud did not see the light of day during launch, Samsung announces something worthy of note for future Samsung Galaxy S III Gt-19300 buyers, they will get 50GB of dropbox for a year, just for owning the device.


Some apps that are traditionally exclusive for Apple devices leave Android and other platform users green with envy due to functionality, some of them are Flipboard and Instagram, the which has since ported to Android. Samsung Galaxy S III Gt-19300 will be the first Android users to get Flipboard exclusively for some time, before it rolls out to other users. Well, we have pulse, but Flipboard is the ish.

Galaxy S III comes fully set to make mobile payments via NFC. During launch, the GT-19300 was made available in two colours, Marble White and Pebble Blue, but other colours will soon be available. Availability in the markets will be first in Europe on the last week of May, other markets gradually later on. Leaves me wondering, what about the numerous pre-orders? Do these also get as soon as its available in regions?