You can now transfer Safaricom bonga points to another phone

Posted on Jun 22 2011 - 8:44am by Martin Gicheru

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could transfer your bonga points to a friend’s phone and maybe combined you can get a better benefit in terms of bonga points redeeming? Well, wish no more, your wish came true (Disclaimer: Am not a magician, and this is not a hack).
According to Safaricom boss @bobcollymore, you can do that from today.Safaricom Bonga points
As you can see that only applies to personal numbers, not to corporates, i guess the boss figures that will leave company secretaries riding high with company redeemed smartphones at their bosses unaware expense. What I am not sure and would really love to know is the procedure of doing that. Because I would have my mind get cheeky and try finding my rich friends and asking for their phones to see their new smartphone……with an evil grin ofcourse.

[UPDATE] @bobcollymore: Bonga points transfer applies to pre- and post-paid. Accessed via short code *126#

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  • William Njoroge

    to do that use *126#, apparently it also applies for corporate only that u need authorization

    • Laila

      Well you will see people suddenly peeps having a growing interest in company phones.

  • Enock Kiprono

    I could imagine the secretaries in corporate opening up a mobile phone kiosk if they can transfer the bonga points to their phones

  • James Mambo

    Yes its about time, this could benefit alot interms of acquiring more high valued redeemed prices. thus the saying “umoja ni nguvu”.
    lets find out the process of transferring, make it secure same as m-pesa & m-kesho.

  • @martingicheru

    Thanx @twitter-92522875:disqus for the update, as for me i think this is a great pool-your-resources idea. Thanx @twitter-92931489:disqus and @facebook-789154822:disqus for your comments. 

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  • Caroline

    Bob what you guys have done is fine. Congratulations!  though i would suggest the use of pin number before the transfer. this will go along way in minimizing theft of bonga points.

  • Nelly Khanaitsa

    our bonga points are being stolen by opportunists.Bob how can we curb this?To me this offer has done more harm than good.

  • Jmsmarash86


  • Fairdeal Africa

    Safaricom must be the first company in the world to allow transfer of loyalty program points earned. Kudos to Safaricom.

    Now, this has created opportunities for Safaricom subscribers to
    trade in Bonga Points. More or less like trade in shares. Thanks to
    Safaricom, now:
    You can sell bonga points to us;

    You can buy bonga points from us;You may take a short loan of bonga points;You may deposit bonga points with us at an interest.You may get a loan of Kenya Shillings with your bonga points as security.
    As our gratitude to Safaricom for creating the opportunity, we only pay via Mpesa.

    ***Think Safaricom Business!!!***     Call 07 05 88 33 20

  • Jay Oyuko

    i think something has been done to curb the steeling of bonga points,,,as in you cant transfer more than 50 points at once…i realised this when my boss gave me his phone to get the bonga points and get a phone for office use…it took like for ever to transfer 10,000 points at 50 points/sms

    • @martingicheru

      Lol, wouldnt your boss have just saved you the time and agony by just redeeming the phone himself?