Angry birds full version for free!

Posted on May 12 2011 - 11:44pm by Martin Gicheru

Angry birds is free. Well as of today morning i cant remember where i found this link but on opening a chrome subdomain on angry birds i was able to access the full version that very many people have not been able to access. This is the full version of angry birds.

I wasnt going to write about it till i had played several levels of it to ensure i get to feel it and be sure am not daydreaming. As of now i have played to level 16 and can comfortably write. The chrome version is not flash as you would expect of a desktop game but WebGL. So ive noted that it stores your progress. I played to some level in the morning before going to some golf club and on coming back i found it on the level i had achieved.

I later read somewhere that angry birds had been hacked and you needed to run some code to access the full verion on your browser, but its not the case. Its fully free.

angry birds

This angry birds version has a dangling chrome icon that appears when you are playing. I would count this as luck as just yesterday i was about to click that purchase button on my ovi store but full version couldnt activate to purchase angry birds. I didnt even think of purchasing the Rio or Seasons version. Wanted to do it from the start, but the link to purchase wouldnt work.

Cheers to happy (angry) birds!!

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  • compassist

    Here is another link to download it on PC for free

  • Dylanpatrick

    i hate you

    • @martingicheru

      lol, this is funny. Just like that?

  • Edwinfundales


    • @martingicheru

      Nice comment :)

  • Gia Khang

    great game, thank you for sharing !

  • edwinlim

    how to take ativate key

  • Randompersonisrandom

    If this is the full version where are the other birds? X_X Big brother boomerang bird etc