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The Office Apps for Android You Should Be Using

You don't need to have a PC with you all the time to be productive.

5 Best Twitter Apps For Your Android Smartphone In 2016

Twitter's main app does the job quite well, but what if you still don't like it, where would you look? Here's a list.

Safaricom Blaze: All You Need to Know

BLAZE is a new by-product of Safaricom that targets youth under the age of 26. Here, we take a look at what it offers and more.

4 Ways to Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Smartphone

In the unlikely event that your Android smartphone gets snatched in town or you happen to misplace it, what do you do? With some varying degrees of luck, you can actually track it. Here's how.


Opinion: Kenya’s Privacy of Electronic Money at Risk

What is the suitable level of privacy and what counts as a private transaction? Are we automatically granting unfettered access to our personal data?

App Downloads Have Slowed Down and We Need to Think What’s...

Applications downloads is slowing down, apps in use even lower. What direction does this spell for both developers and content vendors?

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Sunday Sermon: A few Things for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Founders

Sunday sermon for the 1% I randomly ask entrepreneurs I meet a bunch of questions just to dodge a rehearsed pitch. You know folks will...

Making Sense of Uber vs. Regular Taxi Hullabaloo in Kenya

It has been all over the news over the last couple of weeks. Regular taxi operators are complaining that Uber cabs are ‘ruining’ their existing...

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