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Meet the Brains Behind Airtime Recharge App Ocharge

Pratik Kumar a serial entrepreneur from India, and came into Kenya some 3 years ago. He has a background in engineering with a Computer Science...

Using Social Media To Showcase Art: Interview With Ian Muindi

We interviewed Ian Muindi, an artist who has used social media to showcase his sketches to much acclaim from people

Kenyan App PostCodeFX Seeks to Sanitize Physical Addressing for Ecommerce

Can you find a building in Nairobi by its physical address like you would in London or New York? The answer is not an... Technology essay writing service.


Understanding the IP Rating for Devices You Use

This IP, what does this IP rating mean? Understanding the IP rating is key to making good decisions with regards to the choices of...

Top Reasons Your Solar Water Heating System is not Working

My solar water heating system is not working!!!! Why don’t I get hot water when I shower? My electricity bill is now higher than it was...

Why the Controversial Films, Stage Plays and Publications Act Cannot Just Pass

Kenyans have been up in arms on the streets of Twitter the last few days viciously killing and trying to stop the proposed Film Bill....

Let Down by a Kenyan Innovator: The Story of What I Lost [Part 2]

...Story continued from part one here. So at this point, I left the office at 12AM with a computer in my bag that didn’t belong...

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